Terms & Conditions


Thinking of enrolling? Before completing your enrollment form you need to read and understand the following information.

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Your privacy is important to Forklift Quality Training, and any information that is required to collected, stored and supplied to the required agencies will be done so in accordance with the Privacy Act and other applicable acts i.e. National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act.

FQT will monitor and report on academic progress and to provide statistical data when requested by the required governing agency. This means that only authorized people will have access to your records.

Work Health and Safety

Forklift Quality Training is committed to ensuring excellence in the handling of Work Health & Safety affecting clients, staff, and management. As a client you have a legal duty to take care to protect your own health and safety and to avoid adversely affecting the health, safety and welfare of others.

Access and Equity

Forklift Quality Training is committed to equitable access to its courses regardless of a person’s gender, cultural background, sexuality or disability, however; for most courses you’ll need to be 18 years or older and have a current drivers licence to enroll into the courses here at FQT (this is a state licencing requirement). You will also be required to successfully complete a written and practical assessment to be awarded with a Statement of Attainment and a Notice of Satisfactory assessment. Students will need to have a minimum equivalent of year 10 capabilities in reading, writing, math and comprehension in English as the written assessment is in English.  No translators are permitted to assist for any High Risk Work License course examination as per Safework Australias ruling.

Complaints Policy

At some-time you may become dissatisfied with the service, procedures or facilities offered by FQT. In most cases, concerns can be resolved quickly and effectively by dealing directly with the person(s) responsible for the dissatisfaction or any of our available staff. If the problem is more serious. a written complaint to the Director might be necessary – Please enquire with our staff for information on the submission process for any formal complaints that you wish to proceed with. 

Client Behaviour

At Forklift Quality Training we expect all clients to behave in a considerate and courteous manner when dealing with other clients or staff. Disciplinary action may be taken against clients for breaches of policies or directions regarding acceptable and unacceptable behaviour while they are engaged in the course-related activities on the FQT grounds.

Upon booking clients are informed of our cancellation policies.  Please refer to the Withdrawal and Fees and Refund section of this page for informaiton.  

Assessment information

At the enrollment phase and commencement of the training staff will provide further details about a course’ s assessment requirements. Many of the courses delivered and assessed by FQT are governed by the State’s High Risk Work License (HRWL) requirements. The assessment instrument is known as an National Assessment Instrument (NAI) and contains knowledge based questions and a Practical Observation Checklist to be completed successfully. This NAI is used to collect evidence to demonstrate competence against the requirements of the license connected to your enrolled course.

If at any time you have concerns and/or are not sure about a question/activity required, please speak directly to your approved trainer and assessor and/or one of our friendly administration staff.

Remember, we are here to help!

The resulting system:

  • C – Competency achieved (full successful completion of the enrolled unit and/or license.
  • NYC– Not Yet Competent (unit and/or license not successfully completed yet).
  • RPL – Recognition of prior learning.
  • WD – Withdrawn from the course.

Withdrawal of enrolment

Forklift Quality Training may withdraw a client from their enrolment for failure to commence training by the prescribed starting date and/or a serious breach of policies, e.g. OHSW policy, drugs, and alcohol policy, bullying and harassment policy.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL is the formal acknowledgement of skills and knowledge that were not learned as a part of a formal course, but gained from general life experiences, voluntary activities, or work. Successful completion of the RPL process may enable you to finish your study earlier, have a lighter load, or even gain a whole qualification.

To find out more about RPL enquire with out staff to see if you are eligible.


As a Registered Training Organisation, FQT accepts ASQA compliant Statements of Attainment issued by other Registered Training Organisations.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

FQT provides all clients with the opportunity to have their language, literacy and numeracy skills assessed. Advocacy, mediation and education support can be recommended by the organisational staff should clients require services that cannot be supplied by FQT.

Student Services

FQT will assist any student who has identified that they have special needs within either the pre-enrolment process and/or on the day of their course commencement.  FQT will help connect students with one the following agencies to attempt to help overcome and/or manage special needs if the assistance required is beyond their expertise;

  2. Learning Difficulties Australia
  3. ALNARC – Adult Literacy and Numeracy Australian Research Consortium.
  4. Australian Council for Adult Literacy
  5. Vision Planet Australia
  6. Reading Writing hotline
  7. Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia (DASSA)

Fees and Refund

FQT does not collect more than the $1,500 per person threshold for one course.

Clients may be required to pay fees upfront to hold their place in an upcoming course.

Full Refund will be provided to the client if:

  • A individually enrolled student informs FQT they wish to cancel their course and/or transfer into another course a minimum of 2 (Two) working days prior to their enrolled course commencing.
  • A business informs FQT they wish to cancel their course bookings and/or transfer into other course bookings a minimum of 5 (Five) working days notice is required for any cancellation of course prior to appointment time or date. 
  • A enrolled individual does not begin the course due to illness. A doctor’s certificate will be required.
  • The FQT trainer was not available to deliver the course.
  • There was an unavailability of required plant to run the course.

FQT reserves the right to claim fees from a individual or business for bookings placed if the minimum notice parameters above cannot be provided prior to a course commencemt date.

If a student is found Not Yet Competent (NYC) and is required to come back and finish their course at a later date, Forklift Quality Training (FQT) reserves the right to reschedule the client’s training and assessment session to help them complete their course delivery and/or assessment.

Forklift Quality Training will endeavour to notify clients within 24 hours if a training program will be rescheduled and will provide various alternative times to accommodate the client’s need.

Additional information on the above information is readily available from FQT and can be requested if needed.

If you agree with the above conditions of enrolment, contact FQT on 8244 4958  or via admin@fqt.net.au to book your course.