Skid Steer Training

Onsite Only

Skid Steer loaders are generally four-wheeled or tracked and are also often called Bobcat loaders. These machines are used primarily for earthmoving tasks such as digging, trenching and excavating and are heavily utilised in the construction industry.  They come with an array of attachment options such as backhoes, augers, trenchers and wheel saws.

Completing Training & Assessment, Licensing, a Refresher or Verification of Competency course are excellent means of gaining employment or strengthening your existing skills and knowledge for the benefit of employers.

We only deliver these training products with our on site service. This can be delivered in South Australia or interstate in metropolitan or regional areas.

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Course Info:

Course overview: 

This training course is designed to provide workers with previous experience in Skid Steer operations with the skills and under pinning knowledge required to operate a Skid Steer. This includes a range of mandatory tasks, the fitting, use and removal of attachments and operator maintenance activities.

Unit of Competency:

  • The training delivery and assessment of this course is aligned to the unit of competency but is a non accredited course. The course provides a student and business provision of quality plant training and supporting assessment evidence to meet their Work Health Safety responsibilities.

Course Content:

  • Plan and prepare for Skid Steer operations.
  • Operate Skid Steer in line with established requirement.
  • Attach, secure, lift, carry and place materials to complete work activity.
  • Prepare to relocate the Skid Steer.
  • Conduct housekeeping activities.


  • This course is suitable for worker with some experience and knowledge in Skid Steer operations.


  • Course delivery options are limited to your workplace. This can be within the Metropolitan Adelaide, regional South Australia or Interstate.
  • Extra charges may apply for onsite course delivery options and minimum student numbers are required.

Course Pre-Requisites:

  • Participants must be 18 years or older and be able to provide photo identification.
  • Participants must have a minimum of year 10 Language, Literacy & Numeracy (reading, writing, numeracy and comprehension skills).
  • Must wear enclosed shoes (safety boots are preferred) and wear high visibility clothing.

Course Duration:

  • This course is delivered in one day.
  • Start and finish times to be arranged at time of booking.


  1. Written components – Knowledge & Calculations.
  2. Practical Component.

Course Outcome:

  • Students who successfully complete this course will be issued with a Verification of Competency Certificate.
  • Issuance of a Competency Card by Forklift Quality Training.


Skid Steer loaders are generally four-wheeled or tracked vehicles with the front and back wheels on each side mechanically linked together to turn at the same speed, and where the left-side drive wheels can be driven independently of the right-side drive wheels. This is accomplished by having two separate and independent transmissions; one for the left side wheels and one for the right side wheels. Skid Steer loaders are also often call Bob Cat loaders.

Investment: $350.00